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I Found My Perfect Partner List

I wrote it when I was 19.

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originally posted here on Medium

- - - - - - -

Here it is: (added 17 March 2017; any additions will be marked!!)

  • Tells me I’m interesting (added today)

  • Reads lots of books (including/especially what I write)

  • Is very musical but doesn’t mind that I am not

  • Understands that I am cranky sometimes and will leave me alone when I don’t want to talk (even if it’s for several days) but is also wiling to have long pointless talks (and encourages me to be less grumpy (added today))


  • Doesn’t like Donald Trump

  • Smells nice (and takes care of himself (added today))

  • Has a nice smile and also smiles a lot

  • Doesn’t mind listening to my favorite song “one last time” x30

  • Freckles

  • Doesn’t mind me staring for long periods of time at his face

  • Eyes that I can swim in (doesn’t have to be blue but is preferred)

  • Spontaneous and willing to travel all over Russia/FSU

  • Doesn’t rely on money but also isn’t stingy

  • Lives in the moment

  • Gives to charity, volunteers, and encourages me to do the same

  • Could live like a hermit

  • Likes amazon and apple

  • Is interested in languages

  • Creative and open to new ideas

  • Likes movies (and rewatching them, esp LOTR)

  • Likes tattoos (at least mine)

  • Doesn’t mind clothing shopping or my excessive love of shoes

  • Doesn’t mind my weird OCD/anxiety fits

  • Let’s me sleep on his shoulder and is actually comfortable to sleep on

  • Doesn’t mind if i don’t want to have sex (ever)

  • Isn’t better than I am at the things I love most — can be better than me in anything else

  • Doesn’t shame me for not liking to do something but convinces me to try new things

  • Talks to me often (especially about interesting stuff; doesn’t have to be instantaneous response but is preferred that he be consistent in reply (added today))

  • Replies to me often enough that I don’t feel like I’m in constant purgatory 31 March 2017)

  • Understands and understands that my first loves are coffee and sugar, and then him (03 April 2017)

  • Doesn’t blow his nose around me (04 April 2017)

- - - - - - -

Needless to say, my current partner checks everything off the list.

Hope you enjoyed the amusing requirements for love of a 19-year-old college student!

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