The Fate Formula (A Sub-Podcast of «Психология—Мифы и Реальность»)

What exactly is this sub-podcast about?

«Психология—Мифы и Реальность» is a great podcast hosted by Alexandra and Andrey Kopetskiye (weird thing about the last name—if I wrote about just Alexandra, it would be “Kopetskaya” and just Andrey, it would be “Kopetskiy,” but since they’re together, the last name (at least, grammatically in Russian) is plural).


This podcast explores a variety of topics about psychology. The latest two seasons I’ve been listening to (which are kind of old, since I am trying to catch up from when I went astray from my Russian path) are “The Formula of Fate” (or “Fate Formula”) and “The Milo Effect.”

I will eventually write about the Milo Effect as I understand it from their podcast, but today I want to focus on “The Fate Formula.”

What, you may ask, is a psychologist doing relying on a “fate formula?”

Well, it’s not as strange as it may sound at first. Aunt Sasha (Alexandra) is asking her friend and economist/mathematician(??) Uncle Zhen (Yevgeniy Zmieviy) about people whom she cannot help with psychological science.

Okay, putting it that way, maybe it’s way stranger.

I mean, come on. What does an economist/mathematician know about fate?

Apparently a lot, according to him. Which, of course, is the most reliable source of information in this regard.

I digress.

Uncle Zhen uses astrology and horoscopes (I think, he doesn’t exactly explain where his Fate Formula comes from every time he discusses the results of his analysis—I should probably go back and re-listen to the introduction of the sub-podcast as a refresher on the how) to determine the “future” or fate of the people Aunt Sasha can’t help.

Perfectly sound method, if you ask me.

Anyway, I have a lot of issues with this particular sub-podcast. I love Alexandra Kopetskaya very much and I think her podcast is amazing, but this particular series may just be whack.

My biggest complaint is that everyone’s problem (and therefore solution) is about love. I mean, yeah, Uncle Zhen talks about career paths for these (mostly) women, but that’s really only part of it. And even Auntie Sasha is desperate to hear about their love life fate.

For example, the last episode I listened to (Episode 597 on their Apple Podcast list) explored this woman’s fate under Chiron but the focus was on when, or if, this woman was ever going to find love.

Maybe I missed a big portion of the discussion because I was knitting and walking my dog simultaneously, but goodness gracious.

Isn’t there more to life?

I mean, I am a hopeless romantic and hopelessly in love with my partner, but that’s not the only thing my life is about. I don’t want to pick a career based on the type of man I might “get.” I want to pursue the career of my dreams and have the man I’m currently with support me on my journey.

Why don’t they talk more about that?

I mean, Auntie Sasha, you’re a psychologist. You counsel women all the time about being strong and independent. Where is your voice for us women who want to be powerful?


Check out the podcast episode I’m talking about here.

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