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The Freedom of Super Short Hair

Why I don’t think I’ll go back to long hair for a long time, if not ever.

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I have had extremely long, wavy (even considered curly by some) hair. I have had it buzzed on the sides and long on the top. And I’ve had it every length in between (because duh, hair grows). Very soon, I am going to shave my head at a 3. Why, you may ask, would I cut off my long beautiful hair? Why when it makes me so pretty, when it itself is so pretty? Why when it makes my round face a little less pudgy and a little more feminine? Because I want to. And that should be reason enough. My whole life, I’ve been complimented for having pretty red hair. And I was proud of it. It defined me. My orange hair was as brilliant as the sun, and I thought that made me attractive. But…did it? I have felt my most attractive with most my recent haircut. I have always wanted super short hair (at least since Divergent came out) but every time I did, I was shocked by how unfeminine it looked. At West Point, they thought I was a boy because of my short hair. So I grew it out. And the compliments on my hair came flooding back in. The only people who have supported my short hair were my first boyfriend, my grandma, my current boyfriend, my neighbor, and the self-checkout worker at Harris Teeter. Everyone else around me has been shocked and dismayed. Why? It’s literally just hair, and the absence of most of it makes me happy. But I think the biggest hangup is that they wouldn’t do what I did. Uh, but it’s my life, not yours. And I am not sorry about it.

Thinking about shaving your head? Here are some benefits: less time washing and drying, less shampoo and conditioner, less time styling, less time tucking it behind an ear when it falls in your face, less annoyance overall, less stress, less attention, less focus on traditional beauty and more focus on what makes you happy, more self-confidence, breaking the mold, standing out, and overall satisfaction and pride. At least, that’s what I feel. I also think there is something striking about a shaved-headed woman. There is more focus on her eyes, her lips, her body shape. She’s not hiding who she is. And I won’t either.

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