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There Used To Be A Whole Forest Of Trees By My Apartment

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Now it’s just an empty space where they’re going to build something.

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I wasn’t sure how to take the news when construction started outside of my apartment. It’s better than the construction that happened during my first two years of undergrad — the jackhammer tearing through rock was loud enough you couldn’t hear yourself think, though I found it quite the soothing lullaby. But when I moved into my apartment for graduate school, I loved the forest outside my front door. I never ventured too far into it because there were no paths that I saw and I was certain I would get lost. Now, though, I would give anything to have explored it. It was beautiful, full of towering trees as far as the eye could see. Critters dashing about, birds flittering between the branches, and so green. Today, when I stepped out to walk my dog, all I saw were a few lonely trees, standing and watching as their brothers and sisters were knocked over and dragged away. The dirt left behind packed down nicely, no remnants of the previous residents left behind. And for what, exactly? I don’t know what they’re going to build there. There’s no signs on the construction site, no indication of whether they’re putting up new apartments or new houses for the neighborhood. Why, though? Is the demand to live in this area so high that all the other apartments are full? Or because some wealthy asshole wants to make more money? It makes me sad.

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