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Vyra B. and the Mysterious Shapeshifter: Part 5

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"Tommie, where are we going?" Vyra asked, for the fiftieth time. Since midnight, they'd been running, and who knew where to. They kept changing from buses to taxis to moving the good old fashioned way--walking. And there was still no end in sight.

"I told you, somewhere safe." Tommie chided, grabbing her elbow as he steered her down another back street. "When did you get so annoying? When you were a child you lived for this kind of excitement. Now you've gotten so droll."

"Yeah, and I don't remember you being this pushy."

Another sharp turn.

"Tommie, can you at least tell me where we are?"

A taxi.


Getting out of the taxi, hopping onto a bus.

"Tommie, are we going out of the city or into the heart of it?"

Eventually, Vyra grew tired of him ignoring her questions; she pulled out her phone and...

Her phone.

My phone!

She pulled it out and--

It was dead. "Tommie, I just charged this last night, and I haven't even used it."

"Oh?" It was the first she'd heard from him since they stepped over the rubble that once was her threshold. "Funny."

"Tommie," she said, for once realizing her situation. "Tommie, you've just kidnapped me, ran me all over the state, and now my phone is dead--"

The look in his eyes stopped her mid sentence. "I saved you from a demon."


"I spent six years looking for a way to help you."

"Tommie, I--"

"I kept you company, weeks at a time, fretted over you when you fainted, brought you magic to give you hope," Tommie stopped, voice ragged. "We were friends. You know me."

"Tommie, I'm sorry, but--"

"And you think I'm going to rape you?" He shook his head. "I'm trying to save you."

"Tommie, that's not what I meant--" But it is what you meant, Vyra. "I'm just trying to make sense of things, that's all." Better he'd left you with the demon, Vy.

"Tommie, I didn't even get the chance to tell my parents I was leaving." She leaned over to him, but he wasn't even looking. "Tommie?"

Another silent spell. A taxi. And then, they were out in the countryside.

And then, he was a horse. A brilliant, stealthy black and gray Appaloosa, with two shining hazel eyes. "Well?" He said, in her head or out loud, she couldn't tell. "Are you coming?"

Hell yeah was she coming alright.

To continue...

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